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Also note that , according to scientific estimates indicate that the fluffy goose and duck canada goose outlet down almost, but down the middle as a filler feather products have a certain support force, not to say that one hundred percent down filling is the best product. Now the national standard is 70% down and 30% raw footage .

Say CHIC2010, several of the most impressive booths , FLASHGEO Down certainly one of them. Booth Appearance by numerous root log patchwork , went in but found the ground and booth walls are all covered with the most representative of the " down ." Those who pass FLASHGEO Down booth who will have to go look into the idea . Such unique design , does not use any paint , natural and eco-friendly ; such a unique design, but also reflects the FLASHGEO Down is moving in " Fashion" , " unique " of a big step forward . FLASHGEO canadian goose outlet Down the North American and European markets for high-end down jacket brand, in 2003 began to operate in foreign countries , and achieved great success. FLASHGEO brand stores, has been covering the U.S. , Canada, Europe , Australia and many other countries and regions worldwide , and in 2009 officially landed in China mainland market, in Beijing , Shenyang, Nanjing, established a number of other high-end mall flagship store, brand awareness rapidly. FLASHGEO from Europe and the senior design team carefully orchestrated, and hired the world's top designer brands every effort to create a storefront . Varied and innovative design team insist on a full range of complete design concept : to bring people from Down 's basic functions , to the choice of surface materials , tailoring and other details are left off , each product focus on the application of fur , every detail reveal the noble and fashionable women sexy , as well as magic cultivation effect .

?Washing canada goose jacket outlet down products first soaked with water 15 to 20 minutes , and then choose a neutral detergent with warm water ( water temperature does not exceed 30 ( , ) to open, will be soaked into the feather products , soak for about 20 minutes and then with a soft bristle brush gently scrub , rinse with water . washed down products best gently pat , pat down the various parts of the uniform . feather products should be stored in a dry, well ventilated place . jacket if it is also applied to paraffin carefully plated metal press the apply button again.

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